About Us

As part of the Wycliffe Bible Translators family of organizations, we work to see the Bible translated for every people group that still needs God’s Word in its own language. We come alongside Wycliffe, SIL International and related organizations worldwide, offering a wide variety of support services that speed the task of Bible translation. Through partnerships worldwide, JAARS provides quality technical support services and resources to speed Bible translation for all people.

To do Bible translation effectively, translators need to live with people groups. They have a variety of needs to function in this environment such as housing, computers, transportation, etc. JAARS provides this much needed technical and logistical support. We fall in the category of transportion, specifically land transportation.

For more than 60 years, our services have reduced the costs and difficulties that translators must endure on the field. The support we provide—such as software development or transportation—gives translators more time and resources to focus on language work. As a result, God’s Word can be translated more quickly for hundreds of language groups around the world.

Land transportation is vital for missionaries worldwide. With thirty years experience in the automotive business I provide exceptional service to our missionaries. As Automotive Supervisor I managed the repair of JAARS Center and Wycliffe members’ vehicles. Trips to the Philippines and Ethiopia have helped me assess and address transportation needs overseas. I provide help via the internet and satellite phone to those working in overseas assignments, as well as teach four-wheel drive maintenance and driving to new missionaries.

Kathy is a Registered Nurse but serves in a variety of roles to assist me, particularly with the overseas correspondence, personal correspondence, and our website. She is also assisting me by writing updated technical manuals that address overseas training. Several mechanics have worked with me to update their skills before returning to overseas assignments. After years of prayer and recruitment, the Lord has blessed me with an Office Manager and another mechanic. Two more mechanics are raising support. I plan on making another overseas trip for training purposes. We have married daughters, Katie and Karen (27, 25) and a son, Sean (23).

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