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Originally standing for Jungle Aviation and Radio Service, the original services we provided, JAARS has now branched to a variety of vast technological and logistical skills needed to do Bible translation effectively. Translators live with people groups, usually in very remote, hard to reach areas. They have a variety of needs to function in this environment such as housing, computers, transportation, power, etc. JAARS provides this much needed technical and logistical support. For many years, Mike provided services and training in Auto Mechanics, Maritime services, and Land Transportation (specifically four-wheel-drive).
Due to several health issues, he served most of this year in the role of housing maintenance. He serviced about 100 housing units on Center. Yes, JAARS provides housing for many missionaries; those on furlough and those here for training conferences, as well as new missionaries here for training.
After spending this year attending to Mike’s health issues, we are happy to report that he is improved enough to return to the Land Transportation Department in the role of a consultant, as well as servicing our many JAARS Center Vehicles. Many are happy to see him back! We will be writing a more formal update on this. It has been quite a journey. The Lord is good!
Kathy is the Music Coordinator for the Weekly Centerwide Meeting, a one-hour meeting with presentations of a variety of both translation projects and other key projects JAARS is involved with. She provides the segment of worship music to enhance and focus our community that Bible translation exists because worship does not. It is during this time that our community focuses on uplifting lyrics and Christ-centered songs. She works with a variety of very talented musicians and vocalists, who also serve Bible translation in other assignments.
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