Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

With another year of God’s faithfulness behind us, we wish all of you a Merry Christmas and Blessed New Year. Though our trials have been many, so have our blessings. We remain focused on providing efficient and affordable land transportation to meet the needs of Bible translation worldwide. We look forward to sharing with you the many facets of the ministry here. As ever, we thank you for your faithful prayer and financial support.
In addition, we’d like to share with you the following short video from our President, Bob Creson. It is a message specifically for you. This next year Wycliffe will see the number of language groups needing Bible translation drop below 2000. We remember when we first joined it was around 3500. You can look at our previous blogs and see the way Bible translation, with the help of new technology,  has rapidly increased.

We encourage you to follow us on Facebook. Click the link on the sidebar which reads “Join Us on Facebook” and click “Like” at the top of the Facebook page. We usually post a quick update every one or two weeks. We have found this to be effective in keeping you posted on the details of life at JAARS. So much is going on here that new news quickly becomes old news. The Facebook page gives a smaller slice of life around here. We think you’ll like it.

So again, we wish you a blessed year ahead. May the miracle of the Christ child and His reconciliation stay with you every day.

Rejoice and be at peace,
Mike & Kathy

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