Photos from Germany

Here are more photos from Kathy’s Germany choir trip. I’ll be putting captions and adding more. These are the ones from the newsletter. Be sure to drop by on occasion for more!


1-IMG_0630 1-IMG_0631 1-IMG_0551

The view from the window of the room I shared with four other ladies.

1-IMG_0628 1-IMG_0724 1-IMG_0714 1-IMG_0615 1-IMG_600kb 1-IMG_600kb (2) 1-IMG_0473

Dan, our wizard sound technician. He was the first to enter our venues. We’d wait in the vans for his return to receive instructions as to what equipment to bring in. EVERY time he returned within fifteen minutes. And EVERY time in another fifteen minutes he was hooked up and ready for a sound check! This is the scenario at the Evangelical Free church.

1-IMG_0467 1-IMG_0407 1-IMG_0405 1-IMG_0393




1-IMG_1580 1-IMG_1579 1-IMG_1579 (2) 1-IMG_0853 1-IMG_0726

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