Mike & Sean’s Car Accident

Hello everyone,

Last Wednesday after lunch, Mike and Sean were returning to the JAARS Center. They were travelling about 50mph (speed limit 55) when a car from an intersection pulled out in front of them. They were about 30 feet from the intersection when Sean noticed her pulling out. There was little time to slow down. She impacted Sean’s car, which then shoved him into another car stopped at the other side of the intersection. All involved were taken by ambulance to local hospitals.

We are so thankful the injuries are contusion in nature, and there are no head injuries or broken bones. We are thankful that God miraculously protected all in this high speed collision. The area where Mike and Sean were seated was completely intact with both air bags deployed. Mike and Sean are recovering at home, the main problem being they are in a lot of pain, especially Mike. He is taking muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatory and hydrocodone medication to take the edge off the pain. He is mainly having pain to his chest area, which makes it difficult to breathe. He is able to sleep in a recliner only.

Consequently, since Mike and Sean are the only two mechanics at the JAARS Automotive Shop, the shop is currently closed. There were several cars in the midst of repairs and this has put a hardship on many.

We ask prayer for several matters:

That Mike and Sean would have a safe and quick recovery without complications. Mike was rechecked by our family doctor Friday and received an injection of a strong anti-inflammatory, which helped a lot.

Pray that Sean can return to the shop some time this week and that Mike would be able to get good enough pain relief that he can at least be in the office. This is the fourth day after the accident and he is still requiring significant pain medication.

Pray for all the insurance matters and a replacement car for Sean. Kathy spent a lot of time Thursday and Friday dealing with those matters as well as trying to care for Mike and Sean.

Pray that we would not be discouraged and that we would learn the lesson God has for us in this.

The following link will show you video of the vehicles after they were moved off the road. You can click on an icon to view it at full screen. Sean’s car is the red one. We went to the towing place today to get the license plates and Sean took the photos posted here.


Thanks to everyone for your prayers and encouragement.

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