Scripture Celebration 2019!


The processional. During the processional Kathy’s group led a jubilant song called “Jesus Saves.” In the photos you cannot see her because the procession lined up in front of her. For the first time ever in her life she led the song from the floor, playing her guitar and conducting drums, piano, mandolin, and flute. We had beautiful percussion by Nathan Leung (djembe) and Bob Mantell (cajon). Nathan also played a ukelele bass and sang on all the other songs. Long time friend, Ellen Mast on piano, Sarah Joy Swartzentruber on flute were an unbelievable help with this song! Here is a link if you’d like to hear the song. It’s not us, of course, but Kathy’s team did a remarkable job!

Many celebrations take place all over the world. Each culture plans out their own celebration. The creativity is amazing. We viewed video of many exceptional drama’s created by several. They were truly inspiring. The children in the photo above are viewing the Jesus film. Many times this is their first exposure to the story of Jesus.Photo above and below show audio devices for oral cultures. Make note of the device attached to his hat above.

“Cuan Grande Es Dios“ (How Great is Our God!—Spanish)

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